HealthOpX provides a customizable healthcare app and web portal that benefits refugees, ESL patients, and underserved populations

HealthOpX provides a variety of unique and overlapping benefits to patients and healthcare providers

Entities that benefit from our platform


Government-funded and NGO clinics



Eliminating/Reducing Language Barriers in Healthcare

  • Allow ESL patients to have a better healthcare experience, before, during, and after there visit, while using our app
  • Provide translated discharge notes and guidance for patient throughout the process
  • Allows for better med adherence for ESL patients
  • Grants ESL patients independence
  • Reduce patient  readmission
  • Saves doctors an average of 30-40% of the time usually spent  with ESL patients while improving quality health outcomes and comfortability

Customizability and Usability

  • Make personalized and overall changes to the app without having to be a code with our easy to use web portal interface
  • Easily create rehabilitation programs in real time that can be translated and stored in the app
  • Use other translated programs and notes from our other partners to reduce translation costs, while maintaining accuracy
  • Use translators and interpreters more efficiently with our app, which leads to cost-savings and efficiency
  • Add push notifications, medication reminders, and change checklists for patients with a couple clicks and keystrokes


  • Through our app, the patient is assigned key resources based on social determinants of health
  • Easily create surveys through the app to improve self-reporting
  • Monitor your patients check-lists to see how far they are along there process and see if you need to check in with them
  • Improve caregiver coordination and volunteer care performance with easy to use dashboards and reporting functions

We are currently demoing in multiple clinics and are accepting requests for showcases and demo's of our product